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someone needs a service and you don't have it available. >> julie kerry, news 4. >>> more than a year ago, internal auditors flag a number of problems in virginia's system for handling the mentally ill. the news 4 i-team looked over documents that reveal real concern that virginia was turning away too many patients and didn't have enough room in the psychiatric facilities. >> yeah, jim. 72 patients all at risk at posing serious harm to themselves were released before they were supposed to. 72 patients over a three-month span in late 2011. this internal audit says a lack of available space is one of the reasons. it's a warning to us that the system has yet to create sufficient capacity to serve our neighbors. the young man had shown signs of mental illness and was turned away from a nearby hospital because it didn't have a psychiatric bed for him. the audit revealed 100 fewer psychiatric beds in virginia last year than there were in 2007, even though the state's population has increased dramatically. a new report will show improvements have been made saying nearly all people do find a bed
of her girlfriends brought her up here. i don't know, these young guys think they can do whatever they want to do. i don't know, you know, this is really crazy. they just do what they want to do. >> reporter: the woman's uncle says his niece told him they drove her home afterward. family members later took her to the hospital. obviously, this is early in the investigation. no charges have been filed or arrests made. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thanks, jackie. >>> republicans in florida are calling for one of their own to resign. a spokesman says right now congressman's priorities are to finish rehab. he represents the ft. myers area and pleaded guilty to cocaine after a federal sting operation. many groups in florida are calling for him to step down. >>> eight spas are shut down after alleged illegal activity inside. investigators say they got complaints and saw suspicious ads online for different spas in gaithersburg, rockville, damascus. they are charged with license and permit violations. their investigation was prompted by the previous shutdown of six others t
. retail stores all over the area are open now. they don't wait for black friday anymore. this holiday has become officially a big day for retailers, has been for some time now. shomari stone is in fairfax where the doors of a big box store opened up. what's going on there? >> well, live television at its best. these folks are coming in now, as we speak. here they go. they have been waiting in line, bundled up like burritos. look at these folks. they are waming up as we speak. they are getting their carts. i'm at best buy in fair lakes shopping center. they are excited to get in here and get good deals. many of them tell me, this is what thanksgiving has become. they say they are here to buy gifts for their families and friends and for christmas time. just an hour ago, toys "r" us opened. let's roll video for you all on that. they opened in additionwide an hour ago. these folks rushed in to get the black friday deals. this year, they are getting a head start opening up at 5:00, three hours earlier, compared to last year. a lot of these folks are burning off the calories they gained eating
i said, warmer tomorrow. so maybe you put off hanging up the holiday decorations. tomorrow i don't think will be too bad. not only will we be warmer but we'll have more sunshine, as well. right now at 38 in washington. the high in the district today was 39 degrees. 34 in gaithersburg, freezing for those of you in manassas. low temperatures by the water and inside of the beltway will be in the low 30s. the suburbs though will be in the local 20s. a high temperature tomorrow of 47 degrees and for the most part, starting tomorrow, our temperatures only go up. i'll be taking a look at the next seven days in just over ten minutes. >> seese you then. >>> more than 30 people reply displaced tonight after a two-alarm apartment fire. fire started at a community on cherry hill road in beltsville just before 4:00 this afternoon. prince george's county fire department says the flames spread to multiple floors but no one was injured. we don't know yet what caused this fire or when tenants will be allowed to return home. >>> well, the clock is ticking to fix the affordable care act website. an
down wisconsin avenue. they say the description of the suspects inwoeparate cases don't match. news on a second assault in thisly safe community has rattled neighbors. >> we always have to be careful and cautious. it shocks me. >> reporter: this woman is not concerned for herself, but for her daughter. >> i always tell her not to go out by herself. not to wear a ponytail. people can pull your head by your ponytail. >> reporter: one concern for police with the christmas shopping season in full swing this weekend and all these shops between chevy chase and friendship heights, there may be more opptunity for more victims. they hope to have a surveillance picture of the suspect in a few days. in the meantime they're asking anyone who may know anything about the incident to call police. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4. >>> tonight as police search for a killer, we're getting our first look at the young man who was murdered in laurel today. 23-year-old alex little jr. was shot several times on russet green west. police are questioning two witnesses. investigators don't have a motive
to fall out. we don't have the deep pocketbooks the big companies have. >> reporter: all of these local shopkeepers hoping if they are open, customers will come. >> we love to support the local communities. everything is unique and special. >> reporter: are you going to be here for small business saturday? >> of course. in leesburg, virginia as well. >> reporter: the city here in alexandria making it easy tonltd. parking along king street is free. they have the trolley running every 15 minutes. that is also free. about a block from where i'm standing, they are about to light the tree. we have a camera rolling on it. we will bring it to you tonight at 11:00. >>> what started as a thanksgiving night party is now a crime scene. a man is found dead outside a local hot spot. we are live as the murder mystery unfolds in landover tonight. >>> judgment day for the health care website. th administration is aiming for tomorrow and the fallout, if they fail. >>> a young man indianapolrisks life on the >>> following a developing story, the pentagon announced late this afternoon, they will not stop
night, but we still don't know why he was killed. >> i feel for him. you know, it was just sad. >> reporter: residents disheartened to learn tyson barnett what was the mailman shot and killed making rounds in chefrly. he lived in upp upper marlborouogh. >> he was a mailman, see his uniform on. >> reporter: police released few details, only he was killed just before 7:30 on reed street and was on duty. many post ol workers have been complaining they fear for their safety because they have to work aft after dark in neighborhoods that are unsafe. >> pretty sure he was working overtime for the holidays. it's shocking. >> reporter: this was not barnett's normal route. it's unclear why he was here so late but not unusual for a carrier to be out until 8:00 at night. part of the problem, short staffing and late start times. >> the issue is letter couriers being out here late at night in landover in a high crime over. >> reporter: police have not released any information on a possible motive in the shooting, whether they consider the crime to be random or targeted or if it could be conn
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7

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